ENCHANT it. FUND it. make it. DELIVER it.

We invest in early stage consumer hardware startups up to $500,000. Four chapters of the accelerator program will turn your idea into an enchanted product. From idea stage to design for manufacturing prototype, crowdfunding, mass production to retail shelves: we will support your startup in each of these stages.


Develop & Validate

Enchant "the smartest city" with your technology. Build the future in this futuristic city. Attend major events such as Tech in Asia, CES-Asia, RISEEchelon




Deliver the product on time using proven network of manufacturers and DFM partners in the world capital of manufacturing.


Launch & Crowdfund

Crowdfund your project in the heart of Silicon Valley with Media Launch Tour. Connect with top angels and seed investors.


Las vegas

Retail Launch

Meet top buyers at CES 2017. Validate retail channels and get your first purchase orders. Have your metrics ready for series A.